Calvary's Response to the Coronavirus

Step's We're Taking.

It's our goal to keep you as safe as we can, while still pursuing our God-given mission of connecting with people and telling them about Him.

Wednesday, March 18


This is an updated announcement in conjunction with the earlier video and written announcement that was released on Tuesday. We are especially looking for ways that we can stay connected even though we are physically separated by distance for a little while. There are lots of NEW things to share, so please read carefully. 

1. SUNDAY MORNING LIVE STREAM NOW ALSO ON YOUTUBE - We DO believe that we will be able to stream our service LIVE on YouTube at the same time that we will be streaming on Facebook. If you cannot watch us on Facebook, you can go to and search for “Calvary Norwich” you will then find our youtube channel that will have the live stream. We will also have a link to the live stream from our church website at Please be patient with us if there are any glitches/bugs to work out in our first attempt to stream this in both locations. 

2. CHAT HOSTS ON OUR FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM - For those that are joining us on Facebook for the live stream, we will have 4 dedicated “hosts” for the comment section directly underneath the video where you can join into discussion, if you’d so desire. Those hosts will be there to welcome you, interact with you, take any prayer requests if anyone has any they want to share, and to just share words of hope and encouragement in this time! These hosts will only be available for the Facebook stream, and not for any other live stream service, at least at this time. Please be sure to join in the discussion if you watch us on Facebook!

3. DVD OF OUR SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE - We can make DVDs for those that cannot watch the service online. Perhaps you have a relative or know of a friend that would not be able to watch the live stream. We can mail the DVD out, but we would just need to know the person’s physical address. You can send that address to either or call the church office at 607-334-6698.

4. OFFERING AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT GIVE ONLINE - We believe that we were able to come up with a safe and effective way that people can send us their offering if they’re not able to online. If you or someone you know of cannot give their offering online, offerings can be mailed to: 

Calvary Baptist Church 

P.O. Box 431 

Norwich, NY 13815

For any that would send their offering to this address, we would ask that they NOT SEND CASH. We ask that they would send a CHECK ONLY and it can be written out to Calvary Baptist Church.

Please spread this information to anyone that you know of that could benefit from it (especially those who are not online). Please email us at or call us at 607-334-6698 with any names of people that would need to know this and we can call and/or send a letter to them.

5. FACEBOOK PRAYER GROUP - We are going to be opening up a Facebook group that will be dedicated to prayer requests and praises only. This will be a closed group, and people can be added to it by requesting to join. Only those who are active or current members/attendees will be allowed to join this group. We would want this to be a safe group where people can share requests or struggles and know what they are saying is not going to be carried outside of our church family. We will also have guidelines in place to keep the page to communication that is uplifting, encouraging, safe, and focused ONLY on those prayer requests and praises! I was one of the administrators for a Facebook group like this at my former church for many years and we were amazed how much this page helped to draw people together more and increase their care and sensitivity for each other!

6. FOOD DISTRIBUTION - We are set to have our food distribution tomorrow! Everyone who comes will need to stay in their cars. We will have parking lot attendants that will help to form a line with the cars. We will be giving pre-packed boxes out to each car. Due to the gathering restrictions put into place, no one is to leave their car or enter the building. We will bring the box directly to you. Please understand that those who come will not be able to pick and choose what they get, they just get what they get. This is the only way that we are able to still continue this ministry as we follow the guidelines that have been set in place. Thanks everyone for understanding! 

7. CHURCH BULLETIN - Our weekly church bulletin can be found online after Friday! Please go to where you can get a PDF of our current week’s bulletin. Please print and send an extra copy to anyone that you can think of that may not be able to get this bulletin from online. Let’s help each other out as Jesus’ church in this time!

8. ALL SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES POSTPONED BUT MANY OTHER SMALL GROUPS CONTINUE TO MEET- All Sunday school classes have been postponed until after the restrictions from the coronavirus have been lifted. Our other Life Groups are still highly encouraged to meet! Find ways to connect with others in this time. It’s very important that we do not isolate ourselves from each other!

Tuesday, March 17

IMPORTANT UPDATE in response to the Coronavirus and efforts our church is taking following the new announcements from Governor Cuomo and President Trump. 

I apologize for how this video is a bit broken up and even for the sound quality.  As I was working on the announcement throughout the day a lot kept changing. I wanted to get this posted as soon as I could. Thanks everyone for understanding!

Video Announcement Synopsis

1. Governor Cuomo has mandated that there will be no social gatherings above 50 people. That does affect some things for our church that will be addressed in the video or below in this list.

2. President Trump has issued guidelines to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus including his recommendation to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people, which we should also seek to comply with.

3. Our Sunday morning services are going to go to an ONLINE STATUS ONLY at this time. We ask that the only ones who are present in the church building at this time would be the worship team, tech team, whomever is preaching, and their families (if they so choose). Please do join us each Sunday online until we can meet together again in our facilities. Remember what we saw from God's Word a few weeks ago from our sermon series... the church is more than a building, we are a family!

4. You will be able to join us online by watching the live stream on our church Facebook page. The service in its entirety will be posted to our church website as soon as possible following the conclusion of the service. This week we will look into if there are any other options for Live Streaming for those who may not have Facebook.

5. We will be switching all of our offering over to online giving at this time. Select the "Give" tab at the top of the page to get more information or set up your online contribution.

6. Our church bulletin for the week will be posted online. We will provide a copy of the bulletin on our church webpage (we will explain how to get to that soon), or a copy will be linked to the Facebook live stream on Sunday morning).

7. As has already been announced, Awana is cancelled for the next few weeks, please keep watching for any further updates for Awana.

8. Our food distribution is not yet cancelled and we are trying to continue this ministry. We are looking into how we can offer this ministry with these new guidelines. If we do, it will most likely be a "pick up/ to go" kind of process, probably involving pre-boxed food. Please be patient as we work out the details for this and we will give more information as soon as we can.

9. All other gatherings above 10 people for our church (I accidentally said 50 in the video) must be cancelled or postponed (that includes private weddings, parties, etc.)

10. Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us to not give up or forsake meeting together. Even though we cannot meet in larger groups, I am highly encouraging that our Small Groups continue to meet. Meeting in smaller groups is even more important in this time. If your smaller group has more than 10 people, we encourage that you split into smaller groups - but DO strive to continue meeting if you can! We encourage that our Life Groups, Youth Group, Bible studies, prayer group, Board meetings, etc. all strive to continue to meet, but still strive to follow the "10 or people or less" guideline.

Let's continue to meet together in any way we can in these small group settings!

11. We also encourage a few other ideas, but we do this with care and present these as ideas only - nothing that we would be pressuring anyone to do if they would not be comfortable. On the one hand the CDC is advocating that we should all try and practice social distancing, that includes the idea of avoiding other people's homes, etc. On the other hand this is not a legal requirement... yet... and we still do have the option of getting together in a few others ways. So again, these are just ideas, but you will need to use your judgment in following through with these or not (Numbers 12-14 below).

12. Even though we cannot meet as a large group on Sunday mornings, perhaps you could invite a family or some individuals over with you and you could watch the service together.  Perhaps you could even have coffee or breakfast together. I would also ask that you that you especially pray about inviting someone over that doesn't go to any church right now. There are many who may be grateful for the invitation to be able to meet with other people in a time of isolation, and to hear a message of hope in a time of fear and uncertainty. This is an idea I am especially excited about, and I hope that many of you will strongly pray about and consider! 

13. Consider joining a small group that is currently meeting, or start your own. Please contact me at if you'd like to seek to join a Life Group or other kind of Small Group that is meeting.

14. Consider inviting people over to your home for fellowship and do some things like play some board games or watch a movie together (10 people or less).

15. Consider following some of the social distance guidelines even as you meet in small groups. Spread out so that there is space between all the people.

16. Once again, if you are sick, please see a doctor and seek a diagnosis. We ask that you please refrain from attending even these small group settings until you are well again.

17. Please help spread the word by sharing this Facebook post or directing people to our church webpage.

18. There will most likely be another update coming this week with more information concerning some of the changes that were mentioned in this announcement... stay tuned!

Psalm 9:1-2, 7-10

     1 I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart;

        I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

     2 I will be glad and rejoice in you;

        I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.

     7 The LORD reigns forever;

        he has established his throne for judgment.

     8 He rules the world in righteousness

        and judges the peoples with equity.

     9 The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed,

        a stronghold in times of trouble.

     10 Those who know your name trust in you,

        for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.