Associate Pastor of Worship and Connections Job Opening

Associate Pastor of Worship and Connections

For Calvary Baptist Church in Norwich, NY

Job Description

Full-Time Position

About Calvary Baptist Church of Norwich, New York:

            We are located in the small city of Norwich in a beautiful area of central New York State. We currently have approximately 100 or more people in attendance for worship (a combined total between two Sunday morning services). Before the pandemic, our worship attendance in 2020 ranged from 150-250. A significant number of members who call Calvary Church their home have not yet returned to worship in person as COVID has persisted. Our worship service incorporates a full worship team composed of instrumentalists, vocalists, and technicians in our sound booth. We utilize a blended worship style lineup (both modern worship music and hymns, with a stronger lean towards modern music) for our Sunday morning services. 

             The Associate Pastor of Worship and Connections will be devoted to the spiritual and numerical growth of our church as a top priority. He will further develop the Sunday morning worship experience by providing direction and leadership for the music and tech teams and ministries. He will seek to recruit new people to the worship ministry, making provisions for any training as needed. He will oversee and provide support to the first impressions team. The Associate Pastor will also have key involvement in our Life Group program in helping to recruit group leaders and connecting church attendees into groups. He will work with the Lead Pastor in creating opportunities where lay members of the church can make contacts with new guests who visit the church. Lastly, this person will assist the Lead Pastor with any other duties or responsibilities as he would assign them.


· Has a solid and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

· Meets the description of an overseer/elder in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-16

· Agrees with Calvary Baptist Church’s Statement of Faith (see

· Preferred if at least TWO years of ministry experience working with music and tech ministry. Any higher educational learning or academic degrees in music would be a plus.

· Would need to be background checked by our search team as part of the hiring process.

Abilities and Characteristics: 

· Teachable, loyal, team-player, and energetic.

· Can foster the leading of worship (as opposed to simply performing) with all team members.

· Is a guitar player or pianist that can regularly lead and participate with the worship team (it is preferred if this pastor has vocal ability to lead in worship as well).

· Has knowledge of instrumentation, vocal, and technical skills and/or equipment that are needed for the worship ministry.

· Is competent with music theory.

· Can contribute creative thinking towards the planning of worship services.

· Punctual, prompt, and organized.

· Sociable, outgoing, and great communication skills.

· Able to teach and facilitate group discussion.


· Directly accountable to the Lead Pastor in all responsibilities.

· Regularly meet with the Lead Pastor to plan the Sunday morning services which will include the weekly selection of worship music.

· Regularly lead music with worship teams on Sunday mornings.

· Schedule music and tech teams and facilitate weekly rehearsals. 

· Prepare and print all sheet music for music team members each week.

· Provide oversight for the tech ministry offering recommendations that would improve or upgrade the equipment as needed. 

· Identify, recruit, train, and equip people to be a part of the worship or connection ministries. 

· Make provision for any vocal, instrument, tech, or connection ministry training as it would be needed.

· Oversee the first impressions ministry, offering recommendations that can improve our church’s first impressions and connections with first time guests.

· Assist the Lead Pastor in the continued development of Life Groups which would include recruiting new group facilitators and connecting church attendees into the groups.

· Assist the Lead Pastor in the planning, facilitating, and/or recruiting those who would facilitate fellowship and/or outreach opportunities for the church and community.

· Oversee the spending of budgets for all worship and connection ministries.

· Accomplish any other tasks as assigned by the Lead Pastor.


            Total compensation for this position would include the following: $30,100 base salary, a parsonage with basic utilities included, an additional S.S. Offset benefit of $3,220, and a $2,000 continuing education expense benefit.

            We are open to the idea of negotiating a higher salary if the candidate would not want the parsonage and utilities. 


            Please submit your resume, a video of you leading worship, and a list of at least five references to It is preferred if at least one of your references was a Pastor that you were accountable to in a previous ministry position. 

            If you have any further questions, please contact us at